Saturday, May 15, 2010

Button Swap Blog Hop! #2

Blogger Chix Designs

It's that time again everyone! Button Swap Blog Hop! #2 Sorry it took me so long to post this! So without further ado let's get to swapping!:)

Today is the 3rd weekly Button Swap Blog Hop! Where bloggers can get to gether and swap buttons to help promote and support each other.

Here at Blogger Chix Designs I encourage bloggers to be proactive and involved in growing their blogs. Swapping buttons with other bloggers is going to get your name out there so new readers can find you which will increase your traffic. So whip those buttons out and get ready to swap till you drop :-).


1. Grab the Blogger Chix Designs button and put it on your blog/blog roll (first link on the list). Leave me a comment while you're there and I'll grab your button and add it to my blog roll too!

2. Add the blog hop list (instructions below list) to your Button Swap Blog Hop post on your blog. Be sure to include the guidelines so all the buttons you swap with others will be returned by them grabbing yours as well. *Be sure to include your button's copy code in you Swap Post.

3. Link your blog post up to the blog hop. (You only need to link up once and it will show up on all the hop lists on all the blogs participating).

4. Then start visiting the other participants! Grab their button and add it to your blog sidebar or blog roll, and leave them a comment telling them your visiting from the BSBH party! Be sure to return the favor to anyone visiting you.

*Tip for having lots of buttons swap success - don't wait for others to come to you, go to them first!*

My buttons:

Blogger Chix Designs

Blogger Chix Designs


Davney said...

Grabbed yours! Thanks :)

~ Angel ~ said...

Hi Tanya,

you don't have to post this..but I received your message about you grabbed my button. I wondered how that worked. Thanks - your my first....I checked out your blog...didn't see my button so I was wondering if it really works...Im new to good possiblitly not the correct code??
Let me know if you see it on your blog.

~ Upallnite ~ said...

Hi Tanya, Ok, made a new button. If you would please try to regrab it...and I'll return the favor! Thanks

Tanya said...

You didn't see your button? Hmmm
I see it just fine! I put it at
the bottom of the page with a few
others. I have so many on the side
from the first one I did I thought
I'd put them down there. Let me
know if you still don't see it
because I've been having some
problems with this blog. Thanks!

~ Upallnite ~ said...

OMG....its huge...I didn't really have a clue how to do the whole thing..but now that I see it on someone elses
I grabbed yours
ps: that is an older version if you wanted to grab my updated one and delete this one...either way is fine...
thank you

Tanya said...

Ok I'll try the new one!