Monday, January 18, 2010

Never Fear! Safe Eggs are Here!

Never fear, Safe Eggs are here!

Why choose Safest Choice Eggs?

11.16.2009 – Eggs are an essential part of almost any dish—especially in your favorite holiday foods!

Some of the best holiday recipes call for raw or undercooked eggs, which can be tricky and risky to make. And with family members crowding the kitchen to sample the cookie dough and eggnog—you don’t want any of your loved ones getting sick from salmonella!

Never fear, Safe Eggs are here! Safest Choice Eggs are a great alternative to regular eggs. They are pasteurized (kind of like milk) to ensure that they are safer than your average egg. These Safe Eggs have all of the same nutritional value, look the same, and definitely taste the same – the only difference is that they’re much safer to eat!

The best part is that you can still please any guest with your dishes—Safe Eggs are all-natural, kosher and vegetarian. Enjoy eggs over easy or sunny-side up, raw in sauces and Caesar salads, lightly cooked in custards and desserts. With Davidson’s Safest Choice Eggs you can even enjoy raw cookie dough because you’ve made the Safest Choice!

Avoiding Salmonella & Ensuring Egg Safety
Everyone should enjoy Safest Choice Eggs to avoid food borne illnesses and stop cross contamination in your kitchen.

Safest Choice Eggs are especially great for family members who are susceptible to illness—especially pregnant women, infants and young children, older adults over 50, and anyone with a weakened immune system.

When it comes to avoiding the added food safety risk eggs can bring, just don’t risk it—simply choose Safe Eggs!

How do they make these Safe Eggs… well, safe?
You should know that Safest Choice is the leader in pasteurized shell eggs! This process kills Salmonella bacteria and viruses like Avian influenza. Safest Choice Eggs look, cook and taste just like regular shell eggs.

Try Safe Eggs For Yourself!
Simply become a fan on Facebook to download a coupon! See for yourself why Safe Eggs can quickly replace your usual eggs this holiday season and beyond!

Safe Eggs Blogging Program
If you would like to be a part of our blogging program and help spread awareness of the benefits of Safe Eggs, please email for more details.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Winner of TheGrabBag Of Goodies!! Is:

The Winner of TheGrabBag Of Goodies!! Is:

Autie!!!!!! WhooHoo! Congrats Autie you
are the Winner of TheGrabBag Of Goodies
GiveaWay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):0)=)

Autie Said:

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Congratulations again Autie! Thanks 4
entering!:) And thanks to everyone else
who entered! I hope you guys come by
and enter future giveaways!!!!

In the event that that Autie does not
claim her prize. The prize will be
forfeited and used in a future

Consumer Reports Best Baby Products-Review!

Baby Formula:

Hello everyone I hope you get to see
this post. My computer is still on the fritz:( But I had prior obligations before that happened. So I'm going to try and fufill those obligations as promised, whether my computer is a piece a junk or not. So here goes. I was sent the book Consumer Reports Best Baby Products by :

MomSelect & Maria Bailey

So here is my review!

Also I was not paid to do this review
but I was sent this book. So I guess that
could be considered compensation in a

Feeding your baby formula may cost you as
much as $2oo0 by his/her first birthday! Wow!

Try breast feeding if you can. The AAP recommends
breast feeding exclusively for a baby's first six months.

But if you must give your baby formula here are the
best choices. Ones that contain DHA/ARA synthesized
versions of the essential fatty acids that are naturally
found in breast milk. Here are the choices:

Organic Formulas:

1. Baby's Only(makes dairy,soy,and lactose
free formulas for toddlers)

2. Bright Beginnings(dairy)

3. Earth's Best(dairy and soy)

4. Parent's Choice(dairy:Walmart store brand)

5. Similac Organic(dairy)

There is more, but you have to read
the book!

Each of these formulas includes DHA& ARA


Organic formula is a little more expensive
than Non-Organic but you can find deals
online or by buying the store brand. If you
would like to know more about DHA or ARA

Go here:


This review is what I gathered
from I read about DHA/ARA
please do not take my review
as gospel. You can form your
own opinion by reading this
book Consumer Reports Best
Baby Products. Start on page

Thanks for reading my review!

Tanya Patterson:)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Contest for the GrabBag of Goodies IS Closed!!!!

The Contest for the GrabBag of Goodies IS Closed!

Any entries after today will not be entered into the
drawing! Thanks to all that entered!!!!

Anyone entering after
Jan 6th will not be
entered into the drawing!
Sorry! Better luck next time!