Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Jello Pudding Dirt Cups!!!!

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I bet your Kids or Grand Kids will love
these! Mine do! Wanna try this Yummy
treat! Here is the recipe! Enjoy!:0):)

Jello Pudding Dirt Cups

2 c Milk
1 pk Chocolate Pudding, instant
3 1/2 c Cool Whip
16 oz Oreos
8 Gummy Worms (opt)
8 Plastic flowers (opt)

Pour milk into medium bowl, add pudding mix. Beat until well blended, 1 -2 minutes. Crush Oreos
and set aside. Let stand 5 minutes. Stir in cool whip and half of cookies. To assemble: place 1 Tb
crushed cookies in bottom of 8 oz cup. Fill cups about 3/4 full with pudding mixture. Top with
remaining crumbs. Optional garnish: place flower in middle and put gummy worm halfway out of


Naomi de la Torre said...

I remember having these as a kid and loving them! They were so awesome. So happy to have the recipe!! And the cute pic. Found you on aspiring writers on MBC. Following you now! Looking forward to reading more. Have a super day!

Tanya said...

Thanks for following:0) I'm
going to be sharing this recipe
with my daughters for my Grand Kids!

a49erfangirl said...

I absolutely love these! These are so neat. I want to make these this year for Dakota's Birthday Party.