Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Potato Salad!!!!

Potato Salad is one of the dishes that we
had for Thanksgiving and Christmas! How
about you? Like to try it? Here is the recipe:

Potato Salad

4 cups diced raw potato 1 white onion
2 tbs chopped parsley paprika
salt ½ cup cream
½ cup mayonnaise
Cook potato until just tender, add peeled & chopped onion, parsley &
seasonings. Mix together cream & mayonnaise. Pour over salad. Mix
carefully. Chill.

Tanya's Tips:

Ethnic markets frequently have a wider variety
of fresh produce furnished by local growers at a
lower cost than chain grocery stores.


Rachel said...

This is one of our family favourite dish!

I'm follwing you too =)do hop over to mine to share parenting tips and random tots. cya!