Sunday, September 27, 2009

Banana Cream Cheese Cake!

My family and I loooovvveee
Cheese Cake! But we've never
had Banana Cream Cheese Cake.
Well this will be going on the what
to have for Thanksgiving list!

Here is the recipe enjoy!!!!!:0)

Banana Cream Cheesecake
1 Yellow cake mix, prepared in 13x9 pan.
8 oz Cream cheese, room temperature
1 pk (3-oz) instant vanilla pudding
2 c Milk
3 Or 4 bananas
1 lg Container Cool Whip
1 c Chopped nuts
Beat cream cheese until creamy. Add milk, gradually; add pudding, beating until well mixed. Pour
over cooled cake. Slice the bananas over cake. Cover with Cool Whip and top with nuts.

Cool Whip: Optional


Chef Eureka said...

That looks very good :) I've never had banana cream cheesecake before!

Ang said...

Wow!!! Now I def need to try this.

I am over from MBC and I now follow you.

Just looking at the cake and the pizza in your previous post is making me hungry.

Michele said...


I found you on MBC.
I haven't started following too many "food blogs", but I am definately following this one now.
Cook??? I can barely find the time to shower... LOL But I love this blog!!
Great job!!!!
You've officially made me hungry :)


Time4Mommy said...

This looks AMAZING! I will be trying it soon!

Tanya said...

thanks guys! And for all wants to try this recipe let me know how you liked it. Thanks!

Becca said...

This sounds good. I'm going to try it!